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The Information About Basic Methods Of Fine Art Printing

Excellent art printing is the process of printing images using artistic tools with a long history behind them. This art aims at excluding the latest and digitalized printing methods such as the giclee print. Beautiful art prints include those designed by the great masters of the past centuries as well as a bunch of endowed artists whose work has not been recognized by many people. However, there are four most important methods at the disposal of fine art artists. This article discusses every technique in details.

The first method is the relief printing which is the oldest among the four. This involves the artist using sharp objects to cut through the surface of the material that should be used. Artists would use woodcut created from wood to gouge out its slivers out of a woodblock using knives to leave raised edges. The raised parts could receive ink, and when a piece of paper is laid on them, it creates an image on the paper hence forming a print. Also, a press is mostly used to get even pressure. A spoon can work well in also adding weight to get the inks.

The intaglio printing is the contradictory of relief printing since the ink is in the grooves instead of on the raised relief of a woodcut. These prints are mainly engravings and etching. Engravers use sharp tools to cut into a metal material made of copper and steel. The images are created by incising minuscule grooves in the metal itself. The ink is rolled out and then penetrates the incisions. The etching, on the other hand, involves the artist applying a varnish substance to a metal plate hence draining with needle-like tools on the plate.

The planography is the third type, and it is the territory of lithography which only uses a stone to create beautiful prints. The artists can draw this by just using pencils and crayons. After that, a substance is layered to accept inks. The stone, in this case, is inked, and the lithograph print is pulled.

Lastly, it is the screen printing method. This is most recent and is also referred to as serigraph. This technique is mostly associated with commercial printing due to the ease it offered in creating art.

With many details about the different methods of excellent Alto Cole art printing, as an artist, you have to choose the best way that works best for you. Also, you may conduct some research on the internet to get more knowledge.

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